Kitesurfers save a life today in Baileys Harbor

Today started off with super peaceful beach day in Baileys Harbor as I rolled up the wind started to build gradually after a few hours of light wind kite foiling, the wind started cranking and fog moved in. I decided to come in on my 12meter kite to take a break and launch bill the only other kiter present.  . As I am watching Bill on the water to make sure he's safe, I notice he spots a floating kayak coming out of the fog out in the middle of the bay. I see him struggling with the kayak, so i jump back on my kite and race out,  at the time I arrive he's now spotted a person swimming 100 yards upwind of the kayak unable to catch it. The water temp has dropped to around 56 mid lake and warmer nearshore potentially and the wind was really blowing at this very moment. So I got to the kayak and kept it from blowing downwind as Bill instructed the tired and possibly hypothermic kayaker to hold onto the back of his harness he pulled him towards me with the kayak. It worked we joined the two back up however the kayaker was so exhausted that he couldn't climb in the boat so Bill had him grab his harness once again and pulled him into shore. I left them immediately when we reunited him with his boat and got back to the beach and called 911 from a bystanders phone just for precautionary measures . All is well I think and That person was very lucky today he had us as guardian angels watching over him and the fact he was wearing a life jacket.. 

Never go out alone in a kayak without experience /the right gear

Have an ETA setup with your friends or family.