A trip to remember! The Owyhee River

What a trip this was, Started out on this trip at the Middle Fork Salmon River and after a failed attempt to bypass a pretty severe log jam we had to turn focus to plan b which was the Owyhee.  We had been told by several people that this river hasn't flowed in 4 or more years and that we were very lucky to be getting it at this level. We showed up in Rome, Oregon after driving 15 hours from Whitefish , MT only to find many others thinking the same thing. 

Once on the river everyone spread out and we never saw more than a few groups a day and we felt much more secluded than we had originally thought. This river is one of the most scenic floats that can be had in its area, so we were very very lucky to be here. 

All dressed for the cold water of the Middle Fork Salmon here we are in 85 degree temps with drysuits. Luckily we all brought some warm weather clothing and were thankful for that.. 60 or so miles were floated during this trip , Got to see lots of wildlife including Scorpions ,Coyotes, Rattlesnakes and lots of eagles. Few storms rolled through during our stay which led to some amazing photo opportunities. 

If you have dreams of floating put this trip on your radar and get it!

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Chris MillerComment